52 episodes of Pumpkin Reports series


Humans would be so much easier to invade from above if they didn’t look at the sky – so Teresa creates a brand new superstition that has everyone closing their eyes for one hour on Friday.


The discovery of phobias inspires Teresa to build a device that probes humans’ minds for what they’re most scared of, then creates it right in front of them.  Before Team Alien can disable the device, each member must confront his or her own greatest fear.


When Teresa learns about love, she decides that an extreme version of this silly emotion might be used to render humans so love-struck they’re useless.


Teresa uses Kemii Indecision Sludge to render her parents, and Max and his friends, totally incapable of making a decision, then goes about enacting her plan to shut down the town’s decision-making ability, right in front of the paralyzed Team Alien.



When the Kemii realize that humans don’t fear actors playing aliens, they prepare to shoot a fake movie in Cucurtown starring the leader of the actual invasion team.


Teresa plans to call down an invasion during the finale of a popular TV telenovela, during which all of Cucurtown will be inside, watching.  Team Alien is relieved when Teresa gets hooked on the show herself, but her hypnotic state is interrupted by the commercials.  Max and friends must replace each commercial with their own made-up telenovela to keep the Kemii distracted for the full 60 minutes.


Pixel may have discovered the Lost City Of Kemii-Rodor, left on Earth by The Ancient Ones, disguised as a stone.  To trick Team Alien into leading her to the stone, which will make her powerful beyond measure, Teresa must makes Max and friends believe the cryptic rock is a weapon that can be used against her.



The discovery that Teresa is fed up with Goliath’s incompetence causes celebration at Team Alien HQ, until they realize any replacement would be better for Teresa and worse for them.  Max and friends begin a campaign to make dopey Goliath seem super-valuable to his partner, which is harder than it sounds.



Teresa plans to have omnivorous alien Volgoths eat everyone’s mobile phones so Cucurtown will be cut off from the world… which requires tricking Simon, who has a special talent which could ruin her plot, into leaving town.


If Simon can’t overcome his paralyzing fear of tests in time to renew his driver’s license, Team Alien will be grounded.  So Teresa enacts a plan to ensure Simon will have the worst road-test ever.



When Victor gets the wrong survival package for his Extreme Camping club – a ladder, a cookie jar and some marbles – the “outdoor endurance contest” between Max and Teresa gets seriously weird.


The discovery that small lies help humans to get along comes as a major relevation for the Kemii, who decides to see what would happen to society if everyone suddenly began telling the truth.


Violet loses her top secret diary… which wouldn’t be a problem if she hadn’t written the Emergency Destruct Code for Team Alien headquarters inside it – and if Teresa hadn’t discovered that it was missing.


Max and Pixel look after a vacationing friend’s poodle to prove to their parents that they can be responsible with a pet, but Teresa clones the dog and begins training an army of pet-servants she can place inside every home.


Solar flares have blocked the Kemiis’ communication with the mothership, so Teresa and Goliath decide to go on vacation until things are back to normal.  Convinced the aliens’ inactivity is a trick, Max and Team Alien go on high alert, which requires using their most powerful, most untested weapon.


Teresa plans to lure Max and Violet through an alien mirror-portal, then smash it, locking the humans on the other side.  But when Teresa falls through the mirror too, all three are trapped together in backwards-Cucurtown with no way out and no communication with the normal world.


When Teresa has an adolescent growth spurt so extreme she can’t fit in the house, Max and Team Alien believe it’s a plot to grow enormous and stomp the town flat – despite Goliath’s desperate pleas that they help him figure out what’s wrong with her.


When Teresa has an adolescent growth spurt so extreme she can’t fit in the house, Max and Team Alien believe it’s a plot to grow enormous and stomp the town flat – despite Goliath’s desperate pleas that they help him figure out what’s wrong with her.


After Pixel describes an alien abduction he “remembers” from two years ago, Teresa radios for an immediate pickup from Earth.  The aliens whom Pixel says are returning this week are Teresa and Goliath’s mortal enemies the Flamulards, who make the Kemii look like tame rabbits.


When the Kemii mothership sends Teresa a complicated weapon that will need at least a week to assemble, she decides to enter it in the school Science Fair and annihilate two birds with one stone.


As their mutual birthdays approach, Max and Teresa each plot to ruin each other’s day by destroying their most valued treasures; Teresa’s Crown Of Earth Domination, and Max’s stuffed doggy, Mr. Woof.


With no time for work due to social commitments, Teresa transforms Pixel into an amazing musical performer to get her admirers off her back.  But, adored by all, superstar Pixel becomes annoying to everyone, human and alien like, as his big concert approaches.



When Teresa learns about the incapacitating power of human jealousy, she arranges for Pixel to innocently win three things – a spelling bee, a basketball contest and a rare comic – to make the other members of Team Alien so jealous they’ll refuse to work with him.


Pixel’s biggest fan, 6-year-old Toddy Munson, insists on helping Team Alien any way he can – which becomes a more destructive distraction for their human enemies than the Kemii could ever have dreamed of.


Team Alien and the Kemii both want to stop a local construction project, but Teresa can’t bring herself to help her enemies.  So she creates the shadowy Agent X, to leak valuable “inside information” to gullible Pixel.


As Christmas approaches, Teresa introduces evil hypnotic Klunder Beasts, which resemble glowing Christmas trees, into every home in town.

Teresa uses the chilling effect of a scary local legend to work in the school at night undisturbed, until Victor sneaks in to face his longstanding fear of Headless Pierre… and Max, Pixel, and several others follow, all thinking they’re in the school alone.

The winner of the Muy Loco Fruit Drink skateboard contest wins a Golden Helmet, which Teresa mistakenly thinks has amazing powers.  She enters Goliath, so Max and Pixel undergo grueling half-pipe training with skateboard legend Ji-Hun.

When the Kemii learn that humans with head colds are useless to fight an invasion – or even to get off the couch – they build a statue of a giant nose, designed to sneeze cold germs over the town at the unveiling.

Teresa’s plot to put Goliath’s mind in Max’s body backfires and Max, Goliath and Moonbeam all end up with their brains inside the wrong bodies.

When Teresa’s dream-projector puts a dream of peaceful surrender into the heads of every sleeping human in town, the only way Team Alien can fight her is to go into the dream themselves.

The aliens learn that humans like big, cheap food, so they start a new restaurant to bloat everyone in Cucurtown into overfed exhaustion.

Teresa becomes Cucurtown’s “most trusted newscaster,” and uses her trusted position to broadcast a lie that will hasten the invasion.

Teresa starts a rumor that there’s pirate gold buried in the town’s sewers.  But when she calls-in the alien invasion, the gold-crazy townspeople won’t come out to be conquered.

When Max is entrusted with a valuable crystal trophy, Teresa plots to get him grounded for life by smashing it to pieces while it’s in his possession.


Horrified that her First Year Progress Report is unfavorable, Teresa narrates an indignant summary for her alien bosses of everything she’s accomplished since the aliens’ arrival on Earth.

Teresa uses a rare Euterpium meteor to turn everyone in Cucurtown into carefree singing slave-gardeners, but her plot backfires when she and Goliath come under the meteor’s powerful singing-dancing influence themselves.

When Goliath gets childishly enamored of a ventriloquist dummy that Simon has wired for sound, Team Alien believe they have him under their control… until a malfunction makes the dummy receive random radio broadcasts, which Goliath begins following as if they were orders.

Teresa turns Max into a Voodoo Zombie following her every order – but forgets to command him not to mindlessly obey everyone else he runs into.

Max and his friends celebrate the fact that the police have impounded a broken Kemii robot arm – finally, there’s indisputable proof of alien technology on earth!  But the disembodied arm still has a surprise up its sleeve.


Max thinks Take Your Child To Work Day is going to be boring, until he comes across alarming evidence that his father is actually a top-secret operative with amazing equipment and powers.

A Kemii bio-energizing beam meant to replenish Cucurtown’s soil accidentally mutates a squirrel and a worm into a deranged Squirrel-Worm Beast bent on undermining the entire town.


Teresa has a brilliant idea for fighting Simon:  bring his happy, popular 12-year-old self here from the past and show him what he risks becoming due to his unhealthy preoccupation with aliens.

Pixel wins a date with Teresa in a charity auction, then scrambles to win the high amount he bid, while Teresa does everything she can to keep him from getting it.

The mothership sends Teresa an alien weapon of unknown powers to test.  Afraid it might be booby-trapped, she arranges for Team Alien to “steal” the possibly dangerous device and test it for her.

Teresa decides if she can somehow infect everyone with the bad luck of Max’s clumsy schoolmate Lemuel, the Earth can be easily conquered while all the humans are tripping over their own feet.


Max decides to trap Teresa in her own lies by volunteering her as the subject of a documentary TV series telling “true emotional stories about remarkable human beings.”

The Kemii finally collect a critical mass of the powerful cloning molecule Multiplonium.  But Goliath’s chicken gobbles it all up, mistaking it for corn, then goes on the run, complicating Teresa’s plans to catch it, as one scared chicken clones into 2, then 4, then 8…

When Max is left alone with Goliath and their babysitter, Teresa gives him three simple rules:  don’t let Goliath hear organ music, smell “chicken smoke,” or see the full moon through food, or there’ll be terrible consequences.

When the school mascot, a golden chicken statue, goes missing, with Max as the only suspect, Police Officer Dorcas becomes a Sam-Spade-like sleuth, chasing down confusing clues as Max fights to clear his name.


Teresa enlists several Kemoon Warriors to spread terror throughout the Earth on Halloween.  But Pixel unwittingly borrows the pumpkin-like aliens for a decoration project and they come to life inside Garden Planet at night.


Teresa builds an army of Kemii-bees to use against the humans, but gets electrocuted and loses her memory and identity, just as the evil, powerful robot bees go on a rampage against humans and aliens alike.