laurar-characters-cartoon-pumpkin-reportsLaura Green loves all her children, whether natural or online mail‐order.

She also loves gardening. Laura has come in Second or Third, five of the last ten years with her gourds and melons. This year, with the sudden and unexpected spurt in her garden’s growth, she’s certain she’ll have a prize‐winning pumpkin. Little does she know her primo gourd‐growth is the reason her back yard was chosen by the alien Loom as the landing site for the Kemii Advance Team… or that what she thinks is her prize‐winning pumpkin is actuallyAlien HQ.

Laura is a happy homemaker with a college degree in Botany – but beyond her garden and her family she has a large ambition: to compete some day on the popular weekly TV game show Who Knows What with her large (and growing) expertise in a) Koalas and b) Australian Rules Football. Her family quizzes her on these two subjects to help keep her sharp and competitive.

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